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Vouchers  10:38  to 16:52

Nearly a third of the vouchers issued to people on prepayment energy meters so they can access the government's Energy Bills Support Scheme have not been claimed according to figures released this week. It means more than a million households on the lowest incomes struggling to pay their energy bills are missing out on £400 of the government's financial support this winter. BBC investigate why that's happening, and what you should do if you haven't claimed yours.

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How does the market for energy work? Exactly what are we paying for, who sets the prices and why are our bills so much higher? And where did it all begin: economic historian Dr Victoria Bateman gives us a brief history of the National Grid.

Everything you need to know about the economy and what it means for you. This podcast will cut through the jargon to bring you clarity.

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Energy complaints  00:22 to 16:35

Paul Lewis hears how complaints to the Energy Ombudsman reached a record high last year


What you're entitled to

Even if the period of receiving vouchers from your utility company to help with energy bills has passed you can still make a claim. Even if you are not sure if you are entitled to any vouchers ring them to make sure. You may not have received the voucher if your personal circumstances and details have changed or your utility company does not have your up-to-date details.

Ring them and ask them to send out any vouchers due by post if you do not have access to an email or mobile phone for a text.

You can go to your local Citizen Advice Bureau to make a call if you have no access to a phone

Warm Home Discount

The warm home discount scheme has undergone some changes and will now be used to help even more people in England and Wales.

The main changes include:

Increase the value to £150

Continue to provide rebates to around 1m low-income pensioners and create a new list of households on low incomes (including housing benefits) with high energy costs to benefit from the scheme. Rebates will be awarded automatically.

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