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Save & Keep Warm
Cost of living cooking chart
Cooking chart
Heating the body

Keeping yourself warm

We are still in the cold months and with energy cost soaring bills are likely to rise.. Moneysavers have shared their tips to "heat the human", not the home to cut down on energy use. Here are some tips

  • Layer clothing to keep in the heat

  • Eat regularly and try to have at least one hot meal a day

  • Keep your feet warm with rugs & slippers

  • Put your feet up. The floor can be the coldest place in the house

  • Use a sleeping bag or blanket if you put a hot water bottle in the bottom, warm with no draught

  • Walk or exercise to keep warm.

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Heating body
Feed a family

A couple of quick and easy meals to prepare on a budget

Spaghetti Carbonara

Boil the spaghetti, then drain and add chopped ham. Stir in some cheese and pasta sauce. Cook the baguette, and serve

Italian Dish

Spaghetti              23p

Ham                     79p

Cheese                £1.99

Pasta Sauce        69p

Garlic baguette    32p

£4.02 serves 4-6 people

Vegetable curry

Chop all vegetables, fry the onion then add the other vegetables in. Mix in your curry sauce and 400ml water, and simmer for 30 minutes. Serve with rice.

Rice and Vegetable Curry

All ingredients priced at Aldi. 28/09/22

Onion               23p

Courgette         79p

Mushrooms      £1.99

Red pepper       69p

Cauliflower        32p

Curry sauce (jar)  79p

Rice                  45p

£4.55 serves 4-6 people

Feed afamily
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