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What you are entitled too

Cost of living payment scheme

If for any reason you have not received any of these payments contact your local job centre. Or go here for further information Help for households

Government energy discount of £400 & how you get paid


What you're entitled to

Even if the period of receiving vouchers from your utility company to help with energy bills has passed you can still make a claim. Even if you are not sure if you are entitled to any vouchers ring them to make sure. You may not have received the voucher if your personal circumstances and details have changed or your utility company does not have your up-to-date details.

Ring them and ask them to send out any vouchers due by post if you do not have access to an email or mobile phone for a text.

You can go to your local Citizen Advice Bureau to make a call if you have no access to a phone.

Useful contact numbers here

Make sure you have received the government energy discount of £400.

Every home will receive a £400 credit on their electricity bill from the government. The Energy Bills Support Scheme is what this is known as.

You won't have to pay the money back and you won't have to do anything to get it.

The £400 will be paid to you over 6 instalments beginning in October 2022. You'll obtain

October and November: £66
December, January, February, and March each cost £67.

Even if you pay for your energy on a quarterly or card-based basis, you'll still receive the savings each month.

Your method of paying for energy will determine how you receive the savings.

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